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Elbow Physical Therapy

Elbow Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Services in Foothill Ranch, Irvine, and Lake Forest

One of the many rehabilitation services at our Foothill Ranch location includes Elbow Physical Therapy. We provide you with the best elbow physical therapy and our dedicated professionals will make sure that you face no problems when going back to the sport you love to play. There are four steps, which we follow, to retrieve pain from your elbow.

Step #1: Identifying the Area of Pain

We first identify the exact location of where there is pain. We show you the anatomy of your elbow, to make it easier for you to understand the area, which is causing the most problems. Mostly, elbow pain occurs because you have been repeatedly using your wrist.

Step #2: Identifying the Cause

Our professionals would then identify the cause of the pain; this is important for elbow physical therapy, so that the actions, which bring pain to the elbow, can be avoided. You know best about what caused your pain; you may have overused your muscles, carried heavy boxes, or even lifted a lot of weight at the gym.

Step#3: The Treatment Begins!

After the cause has been identified, our professionals begin your elbow physical therapy. Treatment requires a lot of patience, but do not worry because our professional team consists of people who will make sure that your pain goes away. If your elbow pain can be handled through medication, then we would get you a prescription. If your elbow does need therapy, then we would do the following things to bring you relief:

  • Heat – Sometimes a hot pack is all you need to get rid of the pain; a hot pack around your elbow would start the healing process and take care of the pain.
  • Stretch – At times, all you need is to stretch your elbow, in different positions. Our professionals at the Foothill Ranch would show you how to perform these stretches, and how long to keep your elbow in one single position.
  • Counterforce brace – Our professionals can also tie a brace around your elbow, as it helps ease the pain.

Some of our therapies for elbow pain relief include:

  • Myofascial Release (MFR)
  • Functional Exercises
  • McKenzie Treatment
  • Active Release Techniques

To see the kind of exercises we offer for Elbow Physical Therapy Foothill Ranch, visit our home page for videos: http://www.ocsportsandrehab.com/

Come in today to get rid of the pain and to get back in the game!


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