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Neck Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Services in Foothill Ranch, Irvine, and Lake Forest

Because of the continued innovation in the field of technology, our lives have become speedy and less hectic. However, with all these improvements come the drawbacks too. Constantly sitting in front of your laptop in the office or being a couch potato all day long in front of your television are few things that are responsible for bad postures. And these bad postures eventually result in neck and back sprains. To avoid that, a person needs to appoint physical therapist to help him fight off the pain.

Physical Therapists at OC Sports & Rehab

In cases like neck, shoulder, and back pains, doctors highly recommend their patients to take treatment from physical therapists, as they proficiently understand the issues related to tendons, muscles, and ligaments. If you are a victim of severe neck strain, then getting an appointment with our professional physical therapists will be life changing for you.

Our trainers and therapists are experts in dealing with athletic injuries and orthopedics. They are professionals who deal with patients of all ages; having neck and back pain, overuse injuries, post operative problems, etc. Our therapy centers are located in Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, and Irvine. If you are living in California and dealing with excruciating condition, then have a neck physical therapy in one our physical therapy center at Foothill Ranch.

How Our Neck Therapy Works

Neck Therapy at OC Sports and Rehab primarily focuses on strengthening and retrieving of tendons, ligaments, or muscles that have been damaged, or have become immobile.

Our main goals are:

  • To teach our patients how to avoid bad postures and work on their body mechanics that will help prevent further neck, back, and spine injuries in the near future.
  • To help patients understand how to get relief if the pain blazes up again
  • To improve strength and flexibility of tissues and muscles in distressed areas via therapeutic processes to help relieve pain, uneasiness, and swelling.

Our assigned therapists ask questions from their patients related to their medical history in order to provide them training and remedial treatment accordingly.


The length of a single therapy session depends upon the nature of pain one endures. Our therapists’ next step is to formulate a treatment that brings back stability, movement, and strength of your neck. A therapists use the following methods to relieve are clients from neck pains:

  • Cure muscles through electrical stimulation
  • Provide massage therapy to relieve pain
  • Cure through Neck Traction
  • Functional Exercises
  • Ultrasound
  • Active release technique
  • Use of ice and heat for recovery

After giving a proper treatment, trainers educate patients about the kind of pain they are going through and teach them exercises that can help alleviate injuries and strains. Our trainers may as well look for evaluating a patient’s lifestyle to better understand the causes of pain and to warn them about future problems.

Find the Best Physical Therapist

Our organization is also honored to be named as the 2015 best Physical Therapy Clinic of Lake Forest. This is why we can assure that our clinic is the number one option for physical therapy of the neck for people living in California and the surrounding areas.

Physical therapy at our clinic not only helps in alleviating pain, but it also open ways through which a person’s body can become stronger and more active, which ultimately leads to better overall health conditions.


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