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Shoulder Physical Therapy

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Shoulder pain is one of the many common problems that people face these days. There can be several causes of shoulder pain such as an unfortunate accident, a bad posture, pinched nerves, etc. Getting relief from such pains requires immediate physical therapy. If your shoulder is going through some kind of inflammation, pain, or uneasiness, it is probably time for you to take an appointment at your nearest physical therapy clinic.

Reasons for Shoulder Pain

Causes of pain in the shoulder differ from one person to another, depending on their circumstances. Some are the victims of aging, while others get injuries from overhead activities like throwing ball, swimming, or from accidents. These result in nipping of the rotator cuff of the shoulder or breaking of biceps’ tendons. Sitting in poor postures sometimes puts stress on your shoulder muscles, which can also result in pain and stiffness.

Types of Shoulder Problems

  • Adhesive Capsulitis: A patient starts to feel severe pain in shoulder, which gradually makes it static. This is why it is also named as Frozen Shoulder where shoulders can lose motion for up to 18 months. It can also lead to imperative functional loss.
  • Biceps Tendonitis: Bicep tendons are responsible for attaching bicep muscles to the front of our shoulder. Sometimes, this tendon gets pinched the movement of the joints of shoulder blades, which leads to shoulder discomfort.
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis: Rotator cuff supports the movement of arms with the help of four muscles. Its primary function is to keep arm’s ball into the socket whilst the arm moves. If its tendons accidently get nipped, it can lead to severe shoulder pain.
  • Shoulder Fracture: This is mainly caused by an accident or fall. The humerus, collarbone, or scapula can get hurt, or in some cases all of the three may dysfunction.


Why Physical Therapy is Important?

At OC & Rehab, the therapists understand the condition and nature of the pain by asking you different questions related to the trauma you are enduring. Goniometer is a device, which therapists use to measure the strength and movement in shoulders. Different tests can also be given to you by our therapists according to the nature of your problem.

After that, a patient is given therapies to stop the inflammation or pain. This can be followed by a series of home exercises for your shoulder provided by our experienced physical therapists, which gradually helps in the improvement of your shoulder’s movements and strength.

Shoulder Physical Therapy Foothill Ranch

At OC Sports and Rehab center, we provide shoulder physical therapy Foothill Ranch under the supervision of our brilliant therapists who are certified by (APTA) American Physical Therapy Association. Physical therapy from our center will help you prevent obesity with effective physical movements that can in turn prevent strokes, knee arthritis, hip fracture, and heart attacks.

Our therapy centers are located in two different locations, including Foothill Ranch and Lake Forrest. If you have a sore shoulder, shoulder physical therapy at OC and Rehab in Foothill Ranch will help you recover properly in a short period of time.



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